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1.1 BILLION YEARS AGO - Detecting that sexually reproducing life has appeared on earth The Brotherhood dispatch a fleet of ships to earth to investigate and modify the DNA of life forms in an attempt to create a controlable populace and food source. Many Dracos stay behind and enter the caverns beneth the earth to enter cyrosleep and await comand, these Dracos and their ancestors are refered to as "On World Dracos".

750 MILLION YEARS AGO - The Great Galactic Purge occurs, and the Dracos who left Earth were devistated by war. Before the destruction of the commanding ship, the "Off World Dracos" sent a singal to earth to begin to open the cryposleep units. However after the destruction of the ship the fleet was left without leadership, several ships fled, and the Dracos left on Earth were mostly forgotten.

250 MILLION YEARS AGO - Seeing as the plan has cleary failed, and beliving that they have been abandoned by The Brotherhood located off planet ("Off World Dracos") the On World Dracos, using equipment left beind, create a devistating weapon that destroys most life on the planet.

600,000 YEARS AGO - Detecting that Earth is again stable the On Worlds return to the surface to find that some life has returned to earth, and discover one of the protohuman species, and capture a few to conduct experiements on. The experiments result in producing a slow acting generational virus that will slowy destroy traits they find "un-needed" by a cattle race. Around this point they remake contact with the Off World Dracos however years of war and internal tensions have turned "Off Worlds" into a much more violent race, leading to tensions with On World whom the Off Worlds viewed as weak and unworthy of the Draco name.

200,000 YEARS AGO - Modern humans appear, with the virus having fully taken effect and the "On World Dracos" begin to slowy research further ways to control their experimental race.

150,000 YEARS AGO - Shapeshifting ability is perfected, as well as study into creation of "suits" so the reptilians do not use massive amounts of Orgone Energy, as the human race had been crafted to produce massive ammounts of Orgone, however the race was small and spread far apart.

6,000 YEARS AGO - "On World Dracos" have fully infiltrated human society, perhaps fully creating it, I will not go into the full details of the Reptilian infiltration as this is a breif timeline, and will go into further detail at a later date.

??/??/1940 - The "On World Dracos" begins research on the Reptilian Hybrid Program.

05/10/2016 - Operation M.A.Y.O.R. goes into full effect using one of their top and most advanced hybrids Gillnet-Etn-Lo, or as most of us know him Glenn Elliott.