2/26/17 - Home page fully set up

3/5/17 - Glenn Elliot is seen at Wheeling Brewery, likely studying human behavior, sources say he attempted to pay for the beer with the severed fingers of a citzen who accidentally called him Gene.

4/15/17 - A memorial ceremony is held for a local residents trash cans, Elliot did not attend. During the release of the doves it was reported Elliot was seen flying into the air and drinking the blood of at least 3 of the doves, before landing atop his rooftop lair and spitting the severed heads onto the groud.

4/20/17 - 420 lmao sick

11/5/17 - Up and coming Emo-Rapper Lil Peep is found dead in his tour bus, Elliot was not seen nude on his rooftop like on most nights, this is likely due to Lil Peep's yet to be released single, "Benzo Boi aslo The Mayor of Wheeling, WV is a Reptilian Human Hybrid."

12/14/17 - Glenn Elliot and a cabal of Reptilian remove Net Neutrality and also make my wife of 8 years Rebecca and kids leave.

12/14/17 - Images added to home page and I also get a text from my oldest child saying not to try and contact them.

12/18/17 - Glenn Elliott used his reptilian suggestion powers to convince the CORUPT WHEELING GOVERNMENT that my sweet Becca wanted something called a protective order JOKES ON HIM, I AM THE ONLY PROTECTION SHE NEEDS AND MY THERAPIST SAID I AM GETTING BETTER SO YOU CAN COME HOME IF YOU ARE READING THIS.

12/19/17 - Updated the Gallery with an utterly horrifying photo of some non-human monster, added a new page in memory of the trash cans destroyed by Glenn's Garbage Gestapo. Also updated the coding on the Gallery and the new page with the help of my oldest son who agreed to see me, AND NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS BECCA I DID NOT BUY HIM A SIX PACK OF BEER AND SOME WEED.

1/5/18 - Mayor Glenn Elliott announces plans to open "New Office In City Building" almost certinly this is a front for the new hatchery.